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Property Finder Service

Trying to purchase a property in a foreign country without help can be incredibly difficult - Which are the best areas? What is a fair price? What rights do I have?

Our property finder service takes away the legwork, narrowing down properties and helping to organise finance, legal assistance, and immigration advice. Find out more....

Property Managment & Pool Maintenance Service

From late night alarms and storm damage to cleaning, gardening and pool maintenance services - even stocking the fridge for your arrival; we cover all manner of maintenance and management of your property. With weekly and monthly inspections, we can ensure that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you when you arrive after a long flight. Find out more about our full service here....

Project Management Service

Whether we helped you secure your dream property or not, we will be happy to help you manage its renovation, including working with architects, designers and builders to create your dream home. Did you know some permissions in Mallorca can take more than one year to obtain? With local contacts who have been working on the island for decades, we can help minimise the wait so you can get on with enjoying your new property. See some of the projects we have been involved in here.....

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