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Swimming Pool Cleaning
Hot Tub Maintnenance

We offer a fully insured swimming pool and hot tub cleaning  and maintenance service, including opening and closing for the season, our "green-to-clean" service, as well as weekly or daily scheduled pool cleaning. Our experienced technicians are accredited* by the Consellería de Sanidad de Govern Balear  to ensure that your pool is clean, safe and ready for use whenever you want to dive in.


*Curso de Mantenimiento higiénico sanitario de piscinas de uso público o privado

Weekly Service



  • Check pump and heater condition and activation / timer

  • Confirm adequate water levels and refill as appropriate

  • Cleaning of skimmer baskets, water line, sides and base

  • Clean ioniser if present.

  • Vacuuming / backwash as necessary

  • Removal of matter from surface and floor

  • Check safe levels of chemicals 

    • chlorine / bromine / salt / pH levels

  • Add chemicals as required.

Image by John Fornander

Season Open/Close & "Green-to-Clean" Service

  • Requires 2-3 visits 24-48 hours apart

  • Remove, clean & store cover

  • Top up water levels

  • Flush winterisation chemicals

  • Remove winterisation plugs

  • Add shock / adjust pH as required

  • Add floculante and vacuum

  • Close requires usually 1 visit.

Ad-hoc Maintenance

  • Pump servicing / replacement

  • Filter sand change

  • Install salt system

  • Quarterly hot tub drain and refill

  • Full reform

    • drain pool, jet/acid wash, replace missing tiles, re-grout, refill and open

  • Change lights, plumbing or pipework 

  • Jet wash pool surround / terrace

Image by Bernard Hermant
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