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Help! My pool has gone green

A green swimming pool being serviced

Frequently, new customers get in touch with us in the early Spring as the days get warmer and the start to think about the summer ahead. If the pool has been emptied over the winter (not recommended for in ground pools) or left without proper, regular maintenance and care, the water quality can leave much to be desired. We have a couple of options depending on whether the pool is empty or full.

For an empty pool, we will start with a jet wash and brush to remove debris, mud and leaves from the pool, using a pump to remove the dirty water rather than washing it through the pipework. Once clean, we fill the pool, balance the chemicals and add salt if the pool is saline. The following day, we return, clean the pool, and check again the chemical balance of the water.

If the pool is full, this can represent a bigger challenge, depending on the level of contamination, if the pool is completely dark green and opaque and we can't see the bottom, we need to start with a high dose of liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite), to kill the algae that gives the green colour. After allowing this to work overnight we can return to vacuum and then "floc" (floculante) the pool. This chemical binds smaller particles which are too small to be picked up by the filter sand but make the water look cloudy. We leave the floc to work overnight and then return for a final vac, and chemical balance.

Give us a call or send us an email to arrange a visit.

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